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From:  Dan Havey
Scottsdale, Arizona

The trajectory of my life changed in June 2018 when Steve Larsen tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to build the Membership Site training for his Affiliate Outrage program.

To say I was a bit scared would be a huge understatement!

I had no idea what I would teach, but I was only given 5 days to produce all of the training videos and share funnels.

Can You Identify With This?

Before that call I was trying my hardest to work with Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers, but just couldn't get any traction...

With a single message, Steve gave me the opportunity to be seen as an Expert doing something I love to do - build Outrageous, One-Of-A-Kind Membership Sites in ClickFunnels.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I first became aware of ClickFunnels in 2016 and finally got signed up in December after spending months consuming every help doc and support call they offered.

During this time, I was watching every episode of Funnel Fridays and in the Fall of '17 was 'Live' for every funnel build Steve Larsen.

I finally had the chance to meet Steve in Jan of '18 in Las Vegas, and then again in March in Florida.

I took his Secret MLM Hacks course and Joined his Downline.

In May of '18, Steve had a meeting in Boise for his Downline, and while there I showed him several of my Membership Site designs.

I frankly didn't think he was even paying attention, and I honestly was a bit dejected afterwards...

BUT THEN, in June, Steve contacted me and asked if I'd do the Membership Site training for his Affiliate Outrage program.


I shot 5 videos over the next few days for a total of about 3 hours of content.

(Here's the truth, at least 50% of that content I made up on the fly - all brand new stuff!)

And although creating that content was great, it had a totally unexpected consequence...

When Steve reached out to me, it was right after I arrived in WI to help my Mother who had heart surgery.

I had just covered the wood paneled walls of the basement with whiteboard, and filled them in with my plans to conquer the 'Real Estate Blogging World'!!!

After getting Steve's message I got up and erased all of my boards - the trajectory of my life had changed...

Over the next 3 months, tucked away in my Mom's basement, I built some of the best Membership Sites I've ever built, (including several that virtually no one has ever seen, and I know darn well no one has ever duplicated).

( continued below... )

"Say Yes - Then Learn How To Do It Later..."

One of the very first Membership Sites I ever built for a client was for a woman named Christina who had a very special request.

She asked in the CF Facebook group if there was a way to create Evergreen Content in a Membership Site.

Specifically she wanted to only show content for One Week, and then switch it out with 'New, Fresh Content', hiding the content from the week prior.

Funnel Flix

Christina had built out a huge Members Area with at least 30 weeks of content.

Her content was aimed at 30-something women who needed to get back in shape after childbirth.

Every week she provided her clients with a Meal Plan, Recipes and Exercise Program along with other health and wellness training.

But because she was providing 'Weekly' content, she only wanted One Week At A Time to be available.

The Dojo

Its just makes sense...

The problem is the CF Members Areas don't (natively) display content that way.

So she checked out other platforms and couldn't find anything else that could properly display her content.

Christina was on the $97 plan for CF and she really didn't want to spend any extra money on any other platforms if she could avoid it.

So when I saw her question in the FB group I reached out to her and told her I had never done anything like this before, but I'd take a shot at it, and if I could build it we'd talk payment later on.

Child's Play

This was August of '18 and I was still in my Mom's basement while she recovered from open heart surgery.

So I put my head down and got to work.

If you recall, it was only 2 months earlier that Steve Larsen asked me to do the Membership Site training for Affiliate Outrage.

Quickstart Blueprint

I was still new to membership sites and writing JS code so I wasn't sure it would work, or even if it could be done.

Within in a few days I was able to give Christina exactly what she wanted - Evergreen, Weekly Content.


But not only weekly content, I was able to set it up so that when her clients logged in they were taken to Today's Content...

So if its Tuesday Jan 26th, it took them directly to the correct week and showed them Tuesday's content.

The Insider

Needless to say Christina was ecstatic!

This wasn't the prettiest Members Area I've ever built, but it was one of the most technically advanced, and like I said, it was the first Members Area I had ever built for a client.

It gave her the final piece she needed to be able to launch her training so she could help all of those young women who were so desperate for her help.

YES! I'm Ready To Learn Membership Site Design!

Funnel Flix

The Dojo

Child's Play


Quickstart Blueprint


The Insider

"Learn The TRUTH About How Every Course and Membership Site Builder Can Get Good, High Paying Clients By Creating Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Learning Platforms"

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